A Dinosaur came to visit!

2nd May 2017

A Dinosaur came to visit!

On Tuesday 2nd May children of The Ferns Academy were visited by an animatronic T-Rex It gave the children an idea of the size, the stance and the structure of these magnificent prehistoric beasts. It's as close as you can get to the real thing!

The trained puppeteers were well versed in the movement of these beasts and their smaller traits, as well as vocal range, which added to a more realistic experience. The T-Rex could be stroked and cuddled and fed slabs or real meat (foam), as well as having roaring competitions and some fun games, too.

The visit encapsulated our schools vision on giving children WOW experiences and making learning memorable. Who would ever forget being visited by a dinosaur?

The dinosaur was from a company in Glasgow called mini zoo.