Egyptian Explorers (Year 3)

5th May 2017

Egyptian Explorers (Year 3)

On Friday 5th May, Year 3 went to the Manchester Museum to start their exploration of Egypt and the Ancient Egyptians!! While we were there we saw a real mummy, Asru, and her sarcophagus, and we looked at a model of what her head would have looked like - she had no hair!

We also handled artefacts that would have helped Asru in the afterlife, including the Eye of Horus, a shabti mummy, canopic jars and jewellery.

We were also given a time challenge to build a pyramid using different blocks - both classes completed this in less than two minutes.

Before we left we had free time in other galleries. We saw dinosaur bones, stuffed animals and live tree snakes, poisonous frogs and lizards. It was a fabulous day out!