European Day of Languages

10th Nov 2017

European Day of Languages

Well done toeveryone at The Ferns for a fantastic European Languages Day! The children allcame dressed as European countries or in the colours from a European flag. Someof the costumes were very creative!

In order for us all to learn about different European countries, each year group chose a country and learnt all about it. Some classes looked at the geography of their countries, tried foods that originate there and we all learnt some words from that country's language. We then came together for a brilliant assembly where each class shared something they had learnt about their country. The songs, dances and facts that we shared were so interesting to watch and we all learnt something new!


We learnt a new language today, sign language. We used signlanguage to sing 'If your happy and you know it'. Mr Tumble helped us! Then weshowed what we had learnt to the whole school.

Year 1

Buongiorno! ForEuropean Languages Day, Year 1 learnt about Italy. As we have been learningabout fractions in Maths we made Italian pizzas and we halved all of ouringredients. In the afternoon we learnt how to count to 10 in Italian andsang a song to show what we had learnt. We also researched the Italian flag anddiscovered it has three stripes that are green, white and red. We then made ourown little Italian flags which we showed everyone in assembly. Ciao!

Year 2

Today, Year 2 took a whirlwind trip to Greece. We explored where Greece was in Europe, the language they speak, how their homes are different to those in the United Kingdom and they different types of food they eat. We were extremely proud of everyone in Year 2 as they tried every type of food on offer, even though they didn't like everything. Tzatziki and taramasalata

Year 3

Year 3 chose Poland for European languages day! We onlyhad the afternoon so we concentrated on locating the country, its capital city(Warsaw) and its neighbours (including Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russiaand Lithuania). We also learned about the flag and the national anthem. We thenlearned to say greetings like hello (czesc). One of our children speaks Polishso he became Mr M, our teacher! He helped us pronounce the words correctly. Itwas great fun learning these phrases as they sounded so different to theEnglish versions.

Year 4

Today tocelebrate European Day of Languages we have studied the country Spain. The children researched traditional foods and created a Spanish menu, created afact file on Spain and took part in some Spanish salsa dancing. Everyone hadsuch a lovely day learning all about Spain and the children looked fabulous intheir flag colours and home made tshirts.

Year 5

Today year 5 decided to explore facts about Lithuania. Westarted the afternoon by having a good tasting session where children had theopportunity to try a range of Lithuanian sweets and savouries. After that, welearnt how to greet and count in the beautiful language, which was very trickybut enjoyable at the same time. We ended the day by performing and showing offwhat we learned in front of the whole school. It was amazing experiencewhich year 5 thoroughly enjoyed.

Year 6

Year six workedhard to learn a song which was all about German numbers for European languageday. The song covered the numbers one through to ten, and two of our year groupmembers introduced and closed the song with well known German phrases.