Sports for Champions!

2nd Feb 2018

Sports for Champions!

Wow! What a exhilarating and energetic morning we had..

Stefania Lenart a representative for 'Sports for Champions', a UK charity that supports young and emerging British athletes visited us. She explained that athletes don't get paid for training and unfortunately we lose many talented youngsters to sports. With the help of Sport Champions and sponsored events such as the one we have taken part in, helps to sponsor an up and coming athlete.

Stafania' is an Aerobics Dance athlete (an up and coming event in the UK) who represented Hungary at an international level. All her hard work and determination paid off and she has won National Champion, multiple international medals, European Champion and the World Champion. Stefania shared her achievements with the children in an assembly demonstrating her skills and talents and later put the children and some teachers through a fun but exhilarating work out.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who raised sponsor money, especially Rebecca, Jenson, Brandon, Abigail, Jorja, Andrew, Andrea and Kyle for your fantastic effort.. All funds raised will be used to buy play equipment for the school playground.