Academy Organisation

Below is a general overview of how staffing is structured at the Academy including the Senior Leadership Team, Curriculum Leaders and their responsibilities.

Exeutive Principal - Mrs D Murphy

Head of School - Mrs A Young

Assistant Principal - Mrs D Broadbent

Business Manager - Mrs A Dale


Mrs S Pitt (Nursery Lead)

Miss G Southern

Miss B Wilby


Mrs D Broadbent (EYFS Lead, Writing Lead, SENCo)

Mrs C Dorrington (Leader of Scientific Exploration)

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs H Naylor, Mrs C Wilby, Miss G Bonney and Miss E Bankier

Year 1

Miss G May

Miss L Roberts (Leader of Ecology and The Environment)

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs H Fletcher, Mrs R Georgieva and Mr M Wills

Year 2

Mrs H Dickson (Leader of People and Places)

Miss H Davies

Teaching Assistants:

Mr D Rawlinson, Mrs Z Schofield and Mrs S Tamkuviene

Year 3

Mr J Broadbent (Years 1, 2 and 3 Lead and Leader of Technologies)

Mrs S Crossley (Leader of The Arts)

Teaching Assistants:

Miss Nelson and Mrs K McIntyre

Year 4

Miss R Goddard (Leader of Spiritual and Cultural Education)

Miss F Booton

Miss N Daisley

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs K Borrelli and Miss R Bright

Year 5

Mr M Isa

Miss E Holland (Years 4, 5 and 6 Lead and Leader of Pupil Voice)

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs A Janson

Year 6

Mr M Trott (Leader of Mathematics and Enterprise)

Mrs Kurtianyk (Leader of Well-being)

Teaching Assistants:

Miss J Bonney, Miss C Diggle and Mrs S Lomas

The School Support Team

Mrs D Wharton (Family Liaison Officer)

Mr J Rosbottom (Facilities Manager)

The Office Team

Mrs S Andrew and Mrs M Hough

The Safeguarding Team

Mrs D Murphy

Mrs D Broadbent

Mrs A Dale

Mrs A Young

Mrs D Wharton

Mr J Broadbent (CEOP)

The Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs T Arshed
Miss N Bibi
Miss G Bonney
Miss J Meadows
Mrs J Shufflebotham
Miss C Boothroyd
Mrs C Shoreman
Miss C Hughes