Admissions to The Ferns Primary Academy School are controlled by Northern Education Trust/Bolton Local Authority who will consider all applicants without reference to the parents preference ranking for a school.

Any pupil has the right to a place at any one of the schools for which Northern Education Trust and /or Bolton Local Authority is the admission authority provided that the demand for places at a school does not exceed the admission number for that school. Initially places will be allocated to children with a statement of special educational needs which names a particular school in part 4 of that statement.
Where demand for a school exceeds the number of places available Northern Education Trust needs to allocate places on the basis of a fair and objective method.

Where a Academy school is oversubscribed the criteria listed in the Admissions policy will be applied in priority order. Click here to read the schools Admissions Policy.

Please click the following link for more information from the website. (Click here!)

If you have any queries please contact the following:

Pupil and Student Services
Town Hall
Civic Centre
[Telephone] 01204 332143

[Email] [email protected]

The online admission system closed on 15 January 2017.

Paper applications will be accepted after 15 January however these will be considered as late applications. Please contact Pupil and Student Services if you are unable to download the paper application.

The National offer day for Reception places 2017 is 16 April. However, as this date coincides with Easter weekend offers will be made on Tuesday 18 April 2017 by email if you have applied on line. You will also be able to view the offer by logging in to your online application.

A letter will also be sent to all applicants on 18 April 2017 confirming your offer and details of the Council?s appeals procedure.