Pupil Premium

Here you will find details of the school's pupil premium allocation and plans to spend it in the current year and for the previous year a statement of how the money was spent together with the impact that it had on educational attainment of those pupils at the school for whom grant funding was allocated.

Below is the review of last years Pupil Premium spending.

The Primary-academy-pupil-premium-review-2015-2016.pdf

The Ferns Primary Academy Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-2017

This year, the Ferns Primary Academy will receive £243,300.00 pupil premium funding which is 52% of our pupils.

The main aims of our pupil premium spending are:

To support and engage families, encouraging them to take a more active part in their child’s education and assisting them in times of need.

To improve pupil attendance.

To improve the levels of attainment and progress across the school to ensure vulnerable and disadvantaged children have opportunities to achieve their full potential.

To raise the aspirations of pupils by providing them with a wide range of experiences and opportunities that develop their knowledge, skills, confidence, vocabulary and understanding of the world.

The plans for our pupil premium spending are:

Family Liaison Officer - £23,000

Breakfast Club - £15,000

Early Bird Club - £1,860

Tea Club - £8,000

Parent Mail - £3,000

Big Bang Experiences - £50,000

Uniform and P.E. kit - £15,000

Nurture support - £23,000

Extra Teacher for targeted intervention- £42,000

Extra Tuition and enrichment activities for the more able £10,000

Speech Therapy - £5,000

Focus Intervention and 1 to 1 support - £24,000

Behaviour Support - £10,000

Drama and Performing Arts - £9,000

Family Learning activities - £15,000

Music Service tutoring and attendance at festivals - £10,000