Behaviour Policies

Expectations of Children

1. Aim to do your best at all times - in your work and your behaviour.
2. Always follow instructions - from your class teacher, teachers in school and other adults responsible for your care.
3. Care for other people - show respect for other adults and children in school, their views and opinions, their property and possessions.

What Can Children Expect From Their Teacher

1. The teacher is firm, fair and consistent.
2. That the teacher respects you and your opinions.
3. That they set clear boundaries and explain these clearly and support them positively.
4. The teacher knows your educational needs and provides for them.
5. The teacher likes you and responds to you positively.
6. The teacher provides them with a safe and secure environment.

Partnership With Parents

Parents want to be involved in the way their children are behaving in school. They need to be kept fully informed of their progress, when they have done well in school and if there are any concerns. They need to be involved at an early stage but need to be told about positive behaviour as well as any concerns. This can be achieved through the use of the home contact book, home school agreements, and parents meetings.

Rewards and Encouragement

The emphasis should always be on the positive approach of encouragement and praise rather than criticism and punishment.

Praise can be given in many ways:
verbally (a quiet word or smile, individually or in front of a group/class)
in written form - merit award.
with stickers and star charts
table points
a visit to another teacher for praise
writing home to parents in the Home Contact Book